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This beautiful temple of Sri Karumari Amman is situated in a serene place over a manmade hillock opposite to Shrungagiri Sri Shanmuka temple in Rajarajeswari Nagar, Bangalore, India. It is a small temple with the vimana gopuram  over  the sanctum sanctorium (like Thanjavur Brahadheeswara temple). The temple is in the form of a temple ratham with four stone wheels creating a feeling that Sri Karumari is sitting in the ratham as the main deity. In the ardha mantapam of the temple Devi’s beloved sons Sri Ganapathy and Sri Subrahmanya are installed as parivara dhevathaas. In the front hall to the right of Dwajasthamba the Sri Kshetrapala  Sri Kalabhairava sannidhi is situated.  In the outer open to sky praakaaram six gracious stone statues of six different female deities are installed each at six corners . At the threshold of the front hall Sri Lakshmi and Sri Saraswati stone statues in half padmasana  sitting positions attract the devotees. There is a large size Yaaga  mantapam protected by ashta dikpalakaas. The steps leading to the  temple are broad and their height is easy to climb.

Sri Karumari Amman moorthi is amazing! Is it the quality of the black stone or the carving expertise of the sthapathy! She is majestic  seven feet moorthy including the peetam and five serpent hood . Vow! Her open eyes are just human with moisture ejecting abundant  benevolence and the pupil of her eyes move in the direction of the arthi while performing deeparadhanai.  She holds damarugam, thrisoolam, kadgam and kapalam respectively in her four hands. She Is in a sitting posture with her left leg folded and right leg hanging. The amazing and very very rare feature of her hanging right leg is that a kolusu/anklet (noopuram) can be worn around her ankle comfortably.   

In front of Moola Devi Sri Karumari  a bust size stone moorthy of Sri Renukadevi is instaled. Yes! As per puranas she only got transformed into Sri Karumari.

In the temple regular trikaala poojai is conducted as per aagama. Besides this, regularly every amavasya day Sri Prathyangira homa, every pournami day very special 16 dhravya abhishegam, at regular intervals Thrisathy, sapthasathi, Sri Lalitha sahasranama archanai etc are taking place.Besides this, four navarathi celebrations take place of which Sharan Navarathri is celebrated with more pomp.  Anniversary celebration with special yaga yagnas is  there for every devotee to take part and receive blessings if Devi! 

In the temple premises small maariage like functions are allowed and all arrangements are made  by the temple authorities at moderate cost. Sloka/sthothra classes also are conducted in the temple.

This wonderful temple was the brain child of Best Club Chairman and dhrmarakshaka Dr Sri Arunachalam, whose kuladeivam is Sri Karumari, and he only got it constructed from his own sources. Management of the temple and conducting of poojas are the responsibility of Sri Karumari dasa Sri Madhukar Swamiji who has devoted his entire life in the service of Karumari Amman.

You are welcome to take full benefit of the unexpecting and unlimited benevolence of Sri Karumari Amman, who is a kshibrsprasadhi, who fullfillss the wishes of staunch devotees the moment it is expressed!

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