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It all began in 1986

Madhukara Guruji has found himself to be in divine love with Devi since his childhood days. He started worshiping Sri Devi Karumariamma in 1986 in his home where he offered his Poojas, Alankaras and sevas to a small idol of Sri Devi Karumariamma. 

The poojas and homas were being performed in Guruji's home regularly with utmost sincerity and hence attracted thousands of devotees and patrons. 

By the grace of Amma, Dr. Arunachalam sir decided to donate the land and build a beautiful temple to Sri Devi Karumariamma in Rajarajeshwari Nagar Bangalore. Accordingly, the temple was built in 2009 and the rest is history. 

The temple has been a divine, energetic and festive place ever since. Devotees from all around the world visit the temple and receive Amma's grace and Guruji's Guidance. 

Below are the pictures that tell the story and history of Sri Devi Karumariamma temple. 

During Construction

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